The Boneshakers End 2014 On A High


What started out in 2012 as a couple of blokes who wanted to get out and raise a few bucks for charity while riding bicycles for ridiculous amounts of time, has morphed into an idea of helping more people in the community by supporting great events, occasions and causes. While we hoped beyond hope to raise a couple of thousand dollars in 2012, we were inspired when that mark was blasted out of the water with over $14,000 raised.

With the help of our great network of friends, participants and sponsors, this amount bumped up to $15,500 in 2013 and that was the catalyst for the founding members to decide that this was a passion that needed more air. We set ourselves lofty goals of raising $50,000 by 2015 (tick) and $500,000 by 2020.

We set about creating a new idea that sees the Boneshakers work on helping the community by supporting great events, people and occasions.

As we draw 2014 to a close, the Boneshakers have been able to raise $25,000 for the Leukaemia Foundation (total raised $55,000 in 3 years) as well as drop $1000 into the Movember coffers and help out some members of our community who just needed a little care.

We have great big hopes for 2015 and we hope you will follow the Boneshakers efforts with interest as we settle into our first full year of fundraising and support. Could $50,000 in one year be possible? We’re gonna find out!


We hope you have a great Christmas and New Year, you are safe and that you might consider, if you are lucky enough to get to spend time with loved ones, save a thought for those who may not be as fortunate, give love, give support and share a smile.


Lifecycle Brings Out The Best Of The Boneshakers


The Boneshakers once again saddled up for their annual crack at Lifeycle, a Canberra 30 hour cycling event aiming to raise much needed funding and awareness for the Leukaemia Foundation – in particular support the development of a purpose built facility in Canberra for Leukaemia patients and their families.

In 2014 the Boneshakers took on 20 members and again committed to completing all 30 hours of the event with at least two members riding at all times. Over the course of the event, the Boneshakers amassed over 5,500km as a team with Kel Boers smashing out a phenomenal 666km – a feat made all the more unbelieveable by the fact that he did that in around 22 hours of riding.

8 Boneshakers managed to ride in excess of 300km and join Lifecycle’s 300 club, but more impressive was the fundraising effort with $25,000 raised by the team going direct to the Leukaemia Foundation. This amazing effort was $10,000 more than 2013 and $5,000 more than the tough goal of $20,000 we set ourselves.

This amount helped the Boneshakers tick over $55,000 in total donations to the Leukaemia Foundation and help us hit another target of $50,000 before 2015.

The Boneshakers would love to thank all the riders for 2014, your efforts have been amazing. To all our family and friends that have sponsored us along the way, another HUGE thank you, and to our corporate sponsors, without you all we would certainly never got near our targets. We appreciate your support and hope to continue a long association with you, helping us, helping people, help the community.


Big Thanks To All Our Sponsors

The Boneshakers would first of all like to thank our family, friends and individual supporters who, without their donations, time and good humour we would never have gotten off the ground – or had the confidence to embark on this much larger commitment to helping people help the community. But the Boneshakers know, that without the great support of our corporate sponsors we have little chance of hitting all our charitable goals. To all of you, our deepest thanks.


Mission 500K

The Boneshakers have one key mission and that is to Help People Help The Community, but why can’t we have goals that reach for the stars? The Boneshakers aim to develop their corporate and personal relationships, add in some elbow grease and scour the globe (or at least the World Wide Web) for worthy causes that we can participate in, promote or simply help fund raise.

While we understand that a goal of $500,000 by 2020 is a pretty big stretch for a couple of guys with big ideas, we do know we have many supporters sharing our dreams and aim to start our journey by trying on a mini goal of $50k by 2015. We have ourselves a little start but why don’t you drop by from time to time, see how we’re going and maybe lend your support by way of kind word, thoughts on fund raising events or drop a dollar or two in our donate bin. We’d love to hear from you.